Friday, July 16, 2010


just applied for postgrad programs @ UIA & UPM..

ekceli still in process because ned to find referee..
who shud i ask to b my referee..??
ders few lecturers in my mind..
but, d prob is, wether i can find or not them in UM..??
faham2 je la.. lecturer UM ni x prnh yg ada kt bilik bila di cari..
sumer'y bz mmanjang..
oredy pick a date to go n find them in UM..
but, not confirm yet..
really hope dat my applications wil b accepted..
wish me luck everyone..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


semuanya mcm btimpa2..
just knw about dat guy engagement and his wed preparation end of dis yr 2 weks ago - if i'm not mistaken..
n just a few days ago luking at another guy wed photo & just found out about his engagement..
of course i'm happy for both of them especially d 1st guy because i din put any hope on him - even i did feel like he dumped me n i dunno y i feel dat way..
but.. for d 2nd guy..
i dunno how to describe my feelings..
but i hope i'll find sum1 to hang out with, soon..
so dat i can forget & totally remove d undescribable feelings..

**could der b sum1 shoulder's dat i can lean to..??**

Friday, July 2, 2010

Kalau Sudah Bukan Jodoh...

"Ajal maut jodoh pertemuan, semuanya ketentuan Tuhan.."
ms km msh contact2 dlu..
dunia ni mcm sgt besar sgt smpi km x tjmpa d mn2..
walhal, we live in d same district n he's working @ 1 of d factory near my house..
but, a day after i knw he oredy engaged..
tup tup jmpa kt skola smlm..
its really awkward..
cant explain how i feel at dat moment..
dlu, ms org bg tau aku sum1[him]  interested to knw me..
n ms d awl pkenaln km..
my instinct says dat he's not for me..
so, i follow wat my heart says..
layan dier as a fren..
i dun hv much time to entertain him at dat time..
my life busy wit work n arwah atok..
fortunately i din get too close with him..
wen dis kind of things hapen - his engagement..
at least i dun feel sad..
i'm sure during our relationship [as a fren]..
i dun hv any feelings towards him..
but y i feel like i've been dumped by him..??!