Friday, November 26, 2010


"if u short, fat n ugly, dun worry, there''ll b sum1 dat love u, care about u and spend d rest of his/her life with u..  
 if u have a disease package, dun u dream to hv ones.."

i'm breathless last nite.. 
may b, Hb count low..
next review, Hemato Clinic, is still far away..
its on January 2010..
hopefully i can survive with d vitamins given by doc..
i'm enjoying my life now..
as my fren said, i ned to think positive..
think about happy things..
n dreams..
of fav activity..
hahahahaaaa~ :)
i'm fallin in lov again..
n of course its one-sided love lah..
he's single n ebelebel b4, but, not now..
he's getting engaged soon..
i'm happy for him..
congrats oppa..
sarang hae..!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Monday - GH, Ipoh - collect medical report..

then - Hospital Tun Fatimah, Gribbles - collect ENA test result..
"The presence of $$@ antibody is primarily associated with the $&0#3^$ group of diseases, although it may b seen in a variety of other ********** diseases."

Dear God, 
please give me strength to face everything in future related to my diseases..
if i hv to "go" 1st b4 my parents, please take care of them on behalf of me..