Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long Day....~~

night b4 today - watch world cup - Japan vs Paraguay..
Paraguay won d game..
congratulations to Japan for their best perfomance last nite -
really enjoy watching d game even not till d end..

today we celebrates Hari Koperasi, SMKSK..
we [me n 2B studs] sell rojak buah n air soya..
d idea for d menu is from their form teacher, cekgu zakiah..
here sum of d pict taken from today's activity..

right after cekgu zakiah replace me to monitor d studs, i hv to rush to PK1's rum..
my headcount havent finish yet..
ned to print d result slips, marksheet n analysis sheet..
sumting hapen wen i just about to finish my work..
fortunately its still not too late to re-do d printing..

its a long day, today..
but i manage to handle it as best as i can..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We Without Him..

fairy sms me yesterday eve,

fairy: mkn sushi n b'gosip jom
me: bila..?? sapa blanja..?? aku tgh kopak ni..
fairy: aku ajak, aku la kita dua je. nizam kn da keje kt kl..
me: ok2.. jam brapa tu..??
fairy: 8.15 p.m, ok?
me: ok2..

so, by 8.15 p.m aku da ttonggok kt pintu waiting for fairy to pick me..
abah luk @ me n ask me,

abah: nk g mn memlm ni..?
me: dating..
abah: dgn nizam..??
me: buat pe dating dgn nizam.. dia bukan nk kawen dgn org pon..!!
abah - [laugh] hbs tu dgn sape..?
me: nk tau..?? g ngintai kt pintu nanti ms org tu smpi.. hehehehe~
abah: [geleng kpla]

fairy pick me @ 8.20 p.m..
sushi king was crowded wit chinese last nite..
so, we had our dinner @ KFC..
n ders only we [me n fairy] without him [nizam]..

Sunday, June 20, 2010


i hv so many things to do..
need to sum up and update marks for mid-term exam @ zoomA..
unfortunately web page tu x bole access..
dis text appear each time i try to log in..
"cannot find server.."
then how..??
today is d last day to update marks - even still got many teachers haven't update it yet..
but, as penyelaras headcount form 2, i shud be among d 1st person to update d marks..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wedding + My Frens...~

congratulations to ol my frens yg da m'langsung'n pkahwinn masing2 thn ni..
to capa aina, 
to eno shinoda a.k.a nurzalina nordin,
to my junior hazim halim,
to cekgu pda,

and to roslina,

wish ol of u happy together..

μΆ•ν•˜ν•΄μš” chuka haeyo..